Family Plea | Letter to Beth

Me and my sister Beth- I miss you so much

Sis (Beth Bentley)

If you are out there and can read this there isn’t anything we as family can’t help you fix, you once told me you could share anything with me and I wouldn’t judge you. Well here’s our chance, I don’t care about the past I only care about finding you there isn’t anything or anyone who could say or do to make me stop loving or looking for my little sister!

Beth's father whom she would NEVER abandon- Pleading for answers to his daughters disappearance.

Dad loves and is missing his little princess oh so much!!! He’s lost on Sunday’s when that was his day to be with you and your family, he now sit’s at home alone… again. Your son’s have dealt with more than anyone their ages should and your brother’s well just plain miss you and your opinions. You are missed and LOVED VERY MUCH!!!

Jeremy, Josh And CJ have gone thru graduation, birthday’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas, baseball, football, basketball games, decisions on schooling for their career’s, moving out on their own, and soon your birthday without their Mom, they are trying to hold up and put on a strong front but they just need “YOU” their Mom….. all boys do. Dad, Brett and I try but we can only do so much we are not YOU.

This is the reason CUE , your family and I won’t let this case be closed or go cold you are out there somewhere, and we need to find you, in case you have forgotten the most important thing in those boys lives, and your families right now is YOU, you have always shown them the way and been their rock!

So what I’m fumbling around here trying to say is we all make mistakes and we have to live with them but we can forgive if we all learn from our mistakes! YOU ARE MISSED AND LOVED


We love you and won’t ever give up
The Rogers – Bentley Family

One Response to “Family Plea | Letter to Beth”
  1. Deb McLeod-Morris says:

    Ron, I hope she will be found soon. My heart is with you and your family. I had a cousin go missing, and I do know it’s gutting to go through.

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